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7/20/2021 Bucks County IU Meeting

In an attempt to figure out why so many school districts illegally ignored the guidance of the Bucks County Department of Health during the 2020-2021 academic school year, a group of Bucks County parents have been submitting Right To Requests to various agencies.


Through these requests, they found evidence that the Bucks County IU used it's influence to discredit the Bucks DOH, which harmed thousands of children by denying them an in-person education

These parents confronted Bucks IU Executive Director, Dr. Mark Hoffman, Deputy Executive Director and In-House Legal Counsel, Rebecca Robert-Malamis, and the Bucks IU Board on how the Bucks IU used it's influence to discredit Dr. David Damsker and the Bucks County Department of Health at the 7/20/2021. 

Each parent read one of seven parts that told story, followed by a powerful epilogue. At the conclusion of the meeting, all Bucks IU personnel were given a packet the included the summary text and Right To Know emails. 

This method of parents coming together was impactful and highly effective. Good things happen when parents work together. 

You can view a clip of the entire presentation here: 

You can view the epilogue here:

You can view the information packet here:

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